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Troyer Combo - Gemini Gourd Rack 24 - Horizontal Arms

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Feature: To Bundle - Troyer Offers this Pre-packaged Bundle.
Feature: Optional Worm Gear Upgrade.

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This is Troyer's pre-packaged Combo kit, sorry no substitutions. A very popular rack with 16-foot, 3-inch square high tensile aluminum pole.  The aluminum hub has glide buttons to make raising and lowering effortless with the winch and pulley system. Two, 5-foot diameter rings hold up to 12 gourds each on the Gourd Mounting Arms. Also included are: aluminum ground stake, 72-inch solid aluminum top perch rods, ball top, stop pin, safety bolt, 34- feet of 3/16-inch stainless cable, stainless cable hub, two ring sections, ring supports, winch mounting brackets and pulley guide, 24 Horizontal Gourd Mounting Arms, and a brake winch.  INCLUDES: 12 Horizontal Gourds - Conley II, 12 Vertical Gourds - Conley II, EZ3-P Pole Guard, Pine Needle 48 Carton, and a Tunnel Trap.

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