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Rack - Super Deluxe Gourd Rack 12 - Stainless Steel Gourd Arms

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Part Number: SDGR-12H
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Feature: Order Rack Only: To order RACK ONLY - set the "Quantity" at bottom of list, click "Add To Cart."
Feature: BUILD MY OWN BUNDLE - Please read detailed instructions in product description below so that bundle order cost calculates properly.
Feature: IMPORTANT - Only choose ONE Gourd Option for 12 total gourds.

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The Super Deluxe series have a 14-foot pole made of 2-inch square high tensile aluminum. The hub raises without turning so nest orientation is not changed. The hub has easy glide buttons installed. The 3/8-inch round stainless steel horizontal gourd arms can lift off the hub for easy nest checking.  Easy installation instructions included.

The set includes a 2-piece 14-foot pole, heavy duty ground stake, top perch rods, 12 aluminum horizontal gourd arms, hitch pins, rope winder, and hub with attached rope with eyebolt and pulley. Everything you need except the gourds, sold separately. All Troyer gourds fit these racks. Product pictures will be the same as the difference between the Deluxe is aluminum gourd arms and Super Deluxe series is stainless steel gourd arms.

Picture shown is 18-unit rack, same as 12-unit - minus one row from the 18-unit.

Build My Own Bundle Instructions: Bundles let you pick the basic rack and gourd combo with the accessories you want at a discount.  Bundles must include RACK, GOURDS and at least one other product at a discounted price chosen from this list. DO NOT change QUANTITY at bottom of list - leave it at 1 to include 1 rack in your bundle.  As you add the options that you want, the price of each option will add to the total with the rack.  The gourds and each optional item are discounted from individual purchase price. Clicking Add To Cart will place one bundle in your cart.  If you want to buy more than 1 bundle, return to this page and repeat the process. Remember to choose just one gourd option - all horizontal or all vertical or 1/2 horizontal and 1/2 vertical.

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