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Gourd - Troyer Horizontal Gourd - Round Entrance
Troyer Horizontal Gourd with Round Entrance

Gourd - Troyer Horizontal Gourd - Round Entrance

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Martins love the greater depth of these gourds! The tunnel and gourd provide 14 1/4" depth. UV-protected Polyethylene gourd with Quality Cap for easy nest checks and clean-outs.  The round tunnel entrance is not starling-resistant. 13-inch depth and short tunnel are owl and raccoon resistant. Tunnel has traction pad for easier entrance and exit. Extra wide porch with perch at top edge.

Pre-drilled holes on bottom of gourd encourage drainage. Mini canopies on neck of gourd allow you to drill 1/4" holes for additional ventilation. For superior ventilation, consider adding the Troyer's Vented Caps with 90-degree, 3/4" PVC elbow.

These roomy gourds allow for more eggs and more babies to fledge! Gourds are cooler on hot days than metal martin houses. Easy to clean at end of season with soapy water or bleach water solution.

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